The fastest, most affordable way to secure your website—from a globally-trusted CA

Secure your website in just 5 minutes (or less) with a FastSSL Certificate, issued by a globally-trusted CA.

100% automated validation means you get faster issuance and cheaper prices! This well-known CA has invested heavily into building a fast, automated system for validating and issuing SSL certificates. That means you can get an SSL certificate issued faster and at a cheaper price compared to other certificate authorities. Save time and money with FastSSL!

FastSSL Certificate secures one site (including www and non-www). If your website has subdomains, you can secure unlimited subdomains with the FastSSL DV Wildcard Certificate.

This certificate can be issued in minutes using its automated validation system. You can choose to complete validation via email verification, uploading a verification file, or adding a DNS record.

Customers Trust FastSSL More Than Competing Products

Customer research completed by Google Surveys shows that customers trust FastSSL more than competing products such as RapidSSL, PositiveSSL, GoDaddy, Sectigo, and others. In fact, customers reported trusting the FastSSL site seal up to 6x as much as competing SSL site seals.

Encryption Strength

FastSSL Certificate supports the latest encryption standards, including 2048-bit private key encryption, SHA-256 hashing, and 256-bit symmetric encryption.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your website is not only protected by world-class encryption from the most trusted certificate authority, but also backed up by solid liability protection—a $50,000 warranty provided by a globally-trusted CA. Plus, you’re covered by our 30-day money back guarantee if anything doesn’t work perfectly!

Fast and Easy Validation

FastSSL offers the fastest validation and issuance you’ll find anywhere! You can complete domain validation in minutes via email, file, or DNS verification options.

Browser Compatibility

FastSSL Certificate is issued from the most trusted root certificates on the web, so it’s fully compatible with all modern browsers and operating systems, including mobile devices.

Key Features & Benefits of FastSSL Certificate

  • Signed & issued by a globally-trusted CA
  • Fast, automated domain validation—no paperwork required
  • Strong 2048-bit private key encryption
  • Industry-standard 256-bit symmetric encryption
  • Unlimited re-issues 24/7
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Includes a $50,000 warranty / liability protection
  • Issues instantly
  • Secures one domain name
  • Secures non-www and www domain
  • Secure site seal, proven to boost customer trust